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Hair & Beauty Discounts


10% Off hair & beauty services! Please bring your NHS i.d. card / recent payslip to your appointment.


10% Off for all emergency services personnel! Please bring your current services i.d. with you to your appointment.

Loyalty Points at Mane Attraction

The following terms and conditions apply our loyalty points offer:

  1. Loyalty points are awarded to clients relative to their expenditure on hair and / or beauty services only at Mane Attraction Hair & Beauty. Loyalty points are not awarded to clients when purchasing specific items such as hair extensions, but may be awarded for the expenditure associated with the fitting of extensions. Please ask staff for further details, as well as the current expenditure to point awarded ratio.
  2. Clients are free to redeem their accrued loyalty points on the condition that the client is still deemed to be a current / returning client of the salon. Clients of Mane Attraction Hair & Beauty are deemed as 'current' or 'returning' clients if they have attended and paid for hair and / or beauty services with our employed staff within a period of three consecutive calendar months.
  3. Clients who have not attended Mane Attraction for hair and / or beauty services within three consecutive calendar months are still entitled to redeem their loyalty points (assuming that they have not requested to be removed from our client database), once they have attended and paid for hair / or beauty services with us again. Once a more recent appointment has been attended, the client will be reinstated as a current / returning client and will be intitled to claim their previously accrued loyalty points.
  4. Loyalty points can be redeemed at various stages specified by Mane Attraction Hair & Beauty. Please ask staff for udated tiers.
  5. Loyalty points may only be awarded following appointments with employed stylists and / or beauty therapists of Mane Attraction SW Ltd. Therefore this offer may not extend to self-employed stylists or beauty therapists working at the salon.
  6. Loyalty points can be accrued up to 600 points, at which point the accrued points will not increase regardless of further expenditure until the loyalty points have been redeemed and reset back to zero.
  7. This offer only applies to the client collecting the points, with the discount applying to services and / or products that they themselves purchase. Loyalty points cannot be transferred to other clients.
  8. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, or discount at Mane Attraction Hair & Beauty.
  9. Mane Attraction Hair & Beauty reserves the right to alter loyaly tiers, awarded services and / or products, loyalty points value, discontinue the loyalty points scheme and remove loyalty points from clients without notice.

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